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10 Big Mistakes


Hello again to all of my beautiful wonderful friends. Sorry for the late post today, I have actually had real work to do for a change… sigh. For many of you I believe that rush is only a couple weeks away! WOAH! I have butterflies in my stomach just thinking about it. I have decided […]

Get Fresh


Can I say something insensitive right now? Don’t be mad. The only reason why I write this is so you can be prepared. Rush is not very concerned with “inner beauty.” I wish I could paint a rosy picture of it for you, with girls holding hands and swaying… but then i would be lying. […]

It is so easy for girls to become persuaded by their friends and family in terms of which house to join. If your best friend in Arizona tells you that a certain house sucks, don’t believe them! Sororities are different at every campus. Just because Delta Nu is a weak house at your friend’s school […]

Getting Started: As you arrive on the first day of rush you will meet with your walking group which consists of other girls who are rushing that you will walk around to all of the houses with. Each walking group is lead by a Sorority girl who disaffiliates herself from her house for the entire […]