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Hello there my beautiful potential new members. I was rather distraught by the somewhat bad press I was getting yesterday, but I am all better now and am ready to move on. There are some die hard sorority people out there who get all worked up over one silly little blog. I’m just trying to […]

I just posted a new page on how to regulate your Facebook profile. If you haven’t cleaned up your profile yet, do it now! I’m not allowing anyone to take the easy way out and make their profile’s private. You need to have your Facebook public during this time and make sure it looks good. […]

I’m assuming that many of you are rushing but don’t really understand what you are getting yourselves in to. I will give you a little inside peek into what Greek life is really like, so when rush comes around you will have lots to talk about/ ask questions about. We hang out at the beach […]

Don’t Laugh.


Many women drop out of rush after day three which is “theme day.” Many schools do a skit this day, and many schools do not. A skit is when the sorority members basically do a little song and dance to make you want to join their house. Here is an example of what a skit […]