Sample Sorority Recommendation Letter

Here is a sample letter of sorority recommendation. You can use this sample rush letter to recommend a PNM to any chapter. When recommending, make sure to say which sorority you come from and why you are recommending this particular PNM:

Dear Delta Nu Recruitment Officer,

I am writing this letter to recommend Jane Smith to the University of College chapter of Delta Nu. As a member of the College of University chapter, in Los Angeles, California, I am certain Jane will be a fantastic new member. Not only is Jane smart, funny, down to earth, and compassionate, she is also very involved in her school and community. In High School, Jane was captain of her soccer team and the president of her associated student body organization. She was nominated for Homecoming queen all 4 years and won Monte Carlo princess her Junior year. She was also very involved in community service through National Charity League and Key Club. She is an outstanding student and an honest friend. Her spunk and charisma has allowed her to have many friends and her vivacious personality can literally light up a room. I have known Jane for 5 years and as a close friend I can honestly say that Jane embodies everything that is a Delta Nu. Jane is a girl that every body likes, she has maintained an outstanding reputation amongst her peers and has always been praised for her outstanding character. Jane puts her entire heart and soul in everything that she does, which is why I am certain she will make an excellent addition to your chapter. Once you meet her I’m sure that you will agree, Jane Smith is an exceptional woman and will wear the letters of Delta Nu with dignity and pride. Thank you for your time and consideration.

With best regards,


Make sure to include a picture of the girl you are writing the letter for.

Things to Keep in Mind when writing a letter of Recommendation:

– Make sure to tell who you are and what chapter you come from

– High light the PNM’s strengths as far as how she gets along with her peers, what she was like in high school, etc.

– DO NOT OVER DO IT!! We do not care about every single extra curricular activity your PNM has done. This is not a college application. Write down the top 3 or 4 coolest things the PNM has done and leave it at that. Only write about the things that she was really interested in during high school, the activities that were really part of her life. Do not include: one year of volleyball, made blankets for the homeless one summer, loves volunteering. Is she part of a band? (a band.. not the band), does she like to paint/sew/basket weave? Include anything that makes this girl extra cool and extra special. Heck, include a funny talent or two.. so she can lick her elbow? sweet! You are writing this letter to a young audience who probably cares more about what this girl is interested in rather that the benches she painted at the old abandoned school. Sorority girls are looking for a new member who is cool, fun, honest, and great to hang out with. You have to sell the PNM you are writing on behalf of, as the coolest thing to ever walk the campus.

picture source: google images

4 Responses to “Sample Sorority Recommendation Letter”

  1. 1 woldegiorgis

    thank very much for you provide me with best samples of sorority recommandation.

  2. 2 antoniakelly

    No problem. Let me know if you want any more samples. Thanks for reading… love you girls 🙂

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