Disclaimer: These definitions are written off the top of my head just from what I know at my particular school. I am writing them here just to give you an idea of what I’m talking about (in case you get confused.) If you want to get all hardcore sorority business on me, check out:

Assessment: On day 2 it is usually customary to disclose the financial obligations of a sorority. Some sororities make you pay as you go. This is called “assessing.” Other sororities make you pay in one lump sum for everything, this means that the chapter “does not assess.”

PNM: A potential new member. That is you. A girl who is going through the formal recruitment process

Dirty Rushing: This is when a member of a sorority breaks the rules with a PNM. This can be calling/having any form of contact with a PNM during recruitment, rushing girls before recruitment has begun, drinking/partying during formal recruitment, or giivng an oral bid.

Oral Bidding: When a sorority member says, “see you tomorrow” or “see you later” or says something along the lines of you coming back to the house. This can also be something like, “oh you are defintely in this house, don’t worry.”

Rho Chi: (pronounced Row-ky) This is the girl who is going to be like your mom throughout the rush process. She will be the leader of your walking group and will be there for you to answer any questions. She will be the one telling you which houses you are going to go to on what days.

Walking group: At most schools you will meet at the beginning of rush with a small group of other PNM’s. On day 1 you will be walking around to all of the houses with this group and from then on you will meet with this group before and after you have visited all of your houses.

Panhellenic: This is another name for “Greek” so if you see signs for “Panhellenic Recruitment” this means.. Greek Recruitment.

Panhellenic Board Members: These are members of the Panhellenic board who disaffiliate themselves from their sororities to help put together the formal recruitment process.

Legacy: This is a girl who has had a mom, sister, or grandmother in a particular sorority. If my mother was a Delta Nu, I would be a legacy to Delta Nu and therefore would get special attention from the sisters of Delta Nu.

Letter of Recommendation: These are letters written by former sisters of a particular sorority recommending you to a chapter. It doesn’t matter how this woman is related to you or from what school she came from. Letters of Rec are accepted from anyone who was a member of that sorority anywhere in the nation.

Suicide: When a PNM decides to choose one particular sorority on preference night, or not accept a bid from another. In simpler terms it’s like saying, “ok I want to be in this sorority or I don’t want to be in a sorority at all”

Continuous Open Bidding: Some schools with smaller greek systems will offer this throughout the quarter. This is when a chapter can give a PNM a bid after the formal recruitment process is over. For example, if your roommate really wanted to join your sorority, the sisters of delta nu could give her a bid even after sorority rush is over. This is called a COB. This is not very common and does not usually happen at large Greek schools.

President: You will most likely meet or see the president of each sorority.

VP Recruitment: This is the girl who is the head of recruitment and has lots of say on who gets in and who does not.

Director of Formal Recruitment: Not every chapter has one of these, but if they do, she’s important and has lots of say in the decision making process as well.

House Tours: If your school has a sorority house you will most likely go on a house tour lead by one of the members.

Bursting: You may hear this term tossed around a lot during the week. A burst is a cheer that each sorority does. It can be a chant, or a song, and it will most likely involve jumping up and down and clapping. Don’t be freaked out by this.

Deffered Recruitment: When a school does not offer formal recruitment until after winter break.

Day 1: On this day you will be going to visit all of the houses, this is the most casual day.

Day 2: This day is a little more dressy and you will be visiting anywhere from 3-7 houses.

Day 3: This day is dresses and nice clothing only. This is usually a theme day for the sororities and you will going anywhere from 1 to 4 houses.

Pref Night: (Preference night) This is the last night of rush when you should get pretty dressed up. You will be going from one to two houses and you will be making your final decision that night.

Bid Day: This is the day when you meet with your Rho Chi and find out which sorority you will be a member of! YAY!!!

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