Facebook is a very important factor in the rush process. THE SORORITIES DO LOOK AT YOUR FACEBOOK PROFILES. I have stressed this a ton in my posts however, I figured I should make a page about this just to drill it in to everyone’s heads. Here is a list of Do’s and Don’ts when it comes to facebook profiles:


Do not make your profile private. I know that you are thinking, oh that’s fine… I’ll just make my profile private so that way i can have all the slutty pictures I want on it without having to worry about anyone seeing it. This is not what you should be thinking. We use your facebook profiles to take an extra look at you. If we are confused about you or can’t quite remember who you are, we will use your facebook profile to get information. We use your profile to find out what you are interested in and which girls you should meet in our house. If you make your facebook private we are unable to get that extra information on you that we may need.

Do not have dirty pictures of you on your facebook. If you wouldn’t want your parents to see those pictures, take them off of your profile. Also something to remember: once you post a picture on facebook, that website can use that picture however they want. It becomes their property. Thinking of running for office someday? Maybe you shouldn’t post that picture of you taking a beer bong.


Avoid foul language and dirty talk in your information. This includes wall posts as well. If you have a friend who wrote, ” YAY getting so drunk and puking all over the place was so fun last night! Too bad I woke up in some random guy’s bed! hahah!!!” … just delete it. I’m sure you’re friend will understand.


– Take your facebook information seriously. I know that this sounds lame but when it asks for your interests, actually write down your interests, not some sarcastic remark. When it asks for about you… say something about you. I know it sounds lame but honestly, we use facebook a ton during rush and the more actual information you can give us the better.

See? Facebook pictures like this are super appropriate and everyone involved looks really good.

– Detag any pictures of you where you are not looking your abosolute best. Those pictures of you late at night a couple of weekends ago?… yeah we don’t need to see them. De-tag, de-tag, de-tag. I don’t care if there are only 4 pictures of you left. Make sure that you look stunningly adorable in every single picture on your page.

This is the type of picture we are talking about. Modest but still super cute.

– Spell correctly. I know that none of us are perfect, but if the first words under About Me: are misspelled.. ugh. It just makes you look bad.

Pictures of you on vacation (like the one above) are great because they give the sisters insight on what you have been up to over the summer. Pictures like this one can be a great conversation starter.

– Avoid stupid applications. I love the bumper sticker one (not gonna lie) but the “dirty gifts application” and all of those stupid things… just get rid of them.

You are not the only ones responsible for cleaning up your profiles. We as sorority sisters have to clean ours up too… and ours are most likely way more risky than yours (haha). What I tell the sisters before rush is to pretend that your entire family (grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins) is going to see your facebook profile. If there is anything you would not want them to see, take it off. It’s as easy as that.

source: facebook and google images

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