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Do you know anyone who just.. sucks? Once you suck, there is no going back. You suck forever and everyone who knows you or about you knows that you suck. Sucking is like being a race, or a religion. It sticks with you for your entire life and there is no way to get rid […]

Good day to you ladies, my beautiful little chicks. Ahh… things are calming down and I feel as if I am safe again from the online pythons that were ready to rip my face off. Phewf. I have started thinking about moving into my own sorority house in a couple weeks and realized that there […]

10 Big Mistakes


Hello again to all of my beautiful wonderful friends. Sorry for the late post today, I have actually had real work to do for a change… sigh. For many of you I believe that rush is only a couple weeks away! WOAH! I have butterflies in my stomach just thinking about it. I have decided […]