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Duh. How have I not covered this topic yet? Here I am rambling about ways to decorate your dorm room when I haven’t even gone over rushing 101. Thank goodness I have attentive viewers like you to remind me of important topics I have yet to cover. I am talking about the most important things […]

10 Big Mistakes


Hello again to all of my beautiful wonderful friends. Sorry for the late post today, I have actually had real work to do for a change… sigh. For many of you I believe that rush is only a couple weeks away! WOAH! I have butterflies in my stomach just thinking about it. I have decided […]

I’m assuming that many of you are rushing but don’t really understand what you are getting yourselves in to. I will give you a little inside peek into what Greek life is really like, so when rush comes around you will have lots to talk about/ ask questions about. We hang out at the beach […]

Get Fresh


Can I say something insensitive right now? Don’t be mad. The only reason why I write this is so you can be prepared. Rush is not very concerned with “inner beauty.” I wish I could paint a rosy picture of it for you, with girls holding hands and swaying… but then i would be lying. […]

I noticed that many of you have inquired about conversation starters/ways to prepare for rush. If rush were basketball, conversation would be like dribbling (I’m not that great with sports metaphors, sorry). Here are some ways to hone up on your conversations skills: Keep eye contact: Stay engaged in the conversation at hand and try […]

It is so easy to get so caught up in everything during rush week that you may become confused/distraught/emotionally unstable. They call it the best/worst week of your life for a number of reasons. Here are some common misconceptions/tid-bits of advice on things I wish I had known before I went through formal Recruitment. 1) […]

How to talk and what to talk about during Sorority Rush: Rush is coming up so you should probably start brushing up on your conversation skills. Basically the entire premise of rush is based one one thing: talking. You will be talking to so many people for such a long time that your voice may […]