I have always known that I wanted to be in a Sorority. One of the most important factors for me in choosing a college was how prevalent Greek life was on campus. Luckily, I ended up going to a school with a die-hard Greek system that is as fun as it is competitive. Greek life may not be for everyone but if you are social and want to meet new people it is a great way to get involved. Getting in to the right Sorority for you is not just a matter of signing up on a sheet of paper. Sororities recruit new members by hosting a week-long series of interviews called “Formal Recruitment.” If you are thinking about going through Recruitment or are just wondering what goes on when all of your friends suddenly disappear for a week, read on… Formal Recruitment, also known as “Rush” is a week-long process which may vary depending on which University you attend. For the sake of space and time I will concentrate on the Rush processes of the major California Universities. Most Panhellenic boards will say that Formal Recruitment is based on a “mutual selection process” which is a nice way of saying, “not everyone can get in to the top three houses, sorry.” My advice to anyone thinking about joining a sorority is to be prepared and informed. If a woman goes into recruitment knowing what to expect, the chances of getting in the house she wants is far more likely. This Blog is a complete guide to putting your best foot forward in the Formal Recruitment Process.

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