What Sorority Girls are Looking For


Duh. How have I not covered this topic yet? Here I am rambling about ways to decorate your dorm room when I haven’t even gone over rushing 101. Thank goodness I have attentive viewers like you to remind me of important topics I have yet to cover. I am talking about the most important things a Rusher is looking for in a PNM. Want to knock the socks off of a certain house? They say it’s all about “connecting” and “mututal selection”- which it is for many women. For other women, it’s a competition, a fight for the limited spaces in the top houses on campus. In a top chapter you can hand pick the PNM’s you want because when everyone wants you, you have a greater selection. This can work for a PNM too, when all of the chapters want you, you have a greater choice in where you end up.

Bid Day!!! This will be you soon!!

1) Ask questions. In any social situation if you want to make friends the formula is actually pretty simple. Act like you are super incredibly interested in someone else’s life. Ask your rusher questions and when she answers them act very engaged in her responses. Make eye contact ( not creepily) and smile (not creepily). Even if the girl is rather dull, act like she is the greatest most interesting person you have ever talked to- ever. Feel out her personality too. Does this girl seem super laid back? Perhaps you should leave your Britney Spears talk for somebody else. Feel out the rusher you are talking to. What conversation topics make her light up? What “type” of personality do you think she has? The more passionately engaged you are in a particular conversation, the more of a chance you have of being invited back.

2) Look good on Day 1. Day 1 is when a ton of the cuts are made based on looks, just because we don’t have enough time to really get to know everyone. This is the day when you should take the extra time to perhaps wear those false eyelashes (if you know how to put them on). I also appreciate a PNM who leaves the flip flops behind and wears some hot wedges or a cute dress. If you wear jeans and a t-shirt you will most likely get asked back to those jeans and t-shirt kinds of houses. If that’s what you want then more power to you, but at a top rushing chapter, we are looking for a girl with a little more pop.

A look similar to this ( a little more groomed perhaps) is great. Love the shoes and belt and scarf. Cute.

3) Body language. Smile, lean forward slighting, make eye contact, and nod frequently. Laugh at all jokes and even a tap on the rushers knee can be appropriate at times to connect. Sorority girls tend to have rather massive egos (especially at top houses) so do not make an attempt to compete with this, embrace it and nurture it. Don’t be a suck up but compliments never hurt (as long as they are sincere and thoughtful.) Instead of saying, “oh I love your shoes” try something more specific like, ” your skin is so beautiful, what make up do you use? I am looking to change mine up because i’ve been using the same blush since eighth grade…” Tie in a compliment to something about yourself. Something that you can turn into a conversation. By the way, the word beautiful always sounds very sincere, it’s silly to see how girls blush whenever I use it.

This movie is about flirting but some of the things can be applied during rush. They say that rush is all about flirting with girls… perhaps on some level that is correct. The video is kind of lame but bear with me, it also has some helpful tips.

4) Confidence. Do not feel intimidated by anyone you are talking to. I remember I was talking to the human version of barbie and I felt like a bucket of yuck in comparison. However, I managed to keep my confidence up and she ended up Pref-ing me on the last night. If you are having problems with feeling confident repeat this mantra in your head, “I am so confident, I am so confident.” Ever heard of faking it till you make it? If you think this in your head your body will project that energy, even if that’s not really how you feel.

5) Be passionate. I remember falling in love with this one PNM because she was so passionate about joining my house, she was literally glowing (not sweating, glowing). I could see the fire in her eyes that she more than anything in the world wanted to be apart of my house. If you really want to be apart of a house, pour it on! I mean, you have to act like you are the happiest most excited person in the entire world to be there. If we can see the desire and the fire in your eyes… there is no way we can deny you. Even if you feel like you can’t possibly smile anymore, give it your all at your top houses. We can see who is giving 100% and who is not.

If you are at a party this summer, whether it is for work, or school or whatever, practice striking up conversations with girls that you don’t know. This is a great way to start preparing for rush.

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