You’re Going to College Part II


Good day to you ladies, my beautiful little chicks. Ahh… things are calming down and I feel as if I am safe again from the online pythons that were ready to rip my face off. Phewf. I have started thinking about moving into my own sorority house in a couple weeks and realized that there are tons of things that I have yet to buy. Now that I think about it… you are moving into the dorms soon! Eeep! You must be as nervous as I was… back in the day. I figured we could take a break today on the rush talk and discuss another major part of freshman year: moving into the dorms.

First off, I know it’s tempting to look at all those beautiful pictures of the crazily decorated dorm rooms from bed bath and beyond. They are always bright pink with polka dots everywhere and little accents here and there.

Let me tell you one thing I know for sure, dorm rooms do not look like that in real life. In my case, I was lucky enough to have pictures on the walls, let alone a little baby chandelier over the bed. These companies are just trying to sell you a bunch of stuff you don’t need (that will only clutter up your room) so please don’t go out and buy a bunch of random decorations. Here is what I think you should have when moving in to the dorms. You should trust me because I’m not trying to sell you anything.

Bedding: Most dorm rooms require extra long twin sheets. A huge mistake I made was bringing 3,5948489 pillows with me. I know little decorative pillows are cute, but they just end up getting all dirty all over the floor.

Some of my friends brought a boyfriend pillow which apparently came in handy. I wouldn’t know because I never had one. I think they’re kind of ugly personally, but apparently they are quite functional.

Also, a nice throw blanket is great when you just want to snuggle up for a quick nap without having to get under the covers. My mom got me monogrammed sheets and pillow cases. They were really cute.

Decorations: This is where some people go overboard and end up sorely regretting it. Do not buy stupid little trinkets and what not. You have such limited space, I would not recommend filling it up with useless things.

On my wall I had my signature Audrey poster (which I still love today) and pictures of my friends and family. In many of the dorm rooms the walls are made out of a cork board material so it’s easy to post things.

Miscellaneous: For extra storage (not that you’ll really need it) it’s great to head over to Bed Bath and Beyond and pick up some stackable plastic drawers.

I would say you should buy about two or three. I bought 6 which was wayyyy too many. I still use them today and they are great for storing things like extra soap, toothpaste, towels, etc. I wouldn’t put things that you use every day in these puppies (because opening them is kind of annoying) but they are great for extra storage. Also make sure to get a plastic trash can. Do not waste your money on those stupid metal ones with the holes in them. I know this is gross but you may end up getting sick in one of those trash cans and the plastic is easy to clean and doesn’t leak. ew. gross. sorry.

I had one of these hampers and it seriously came in handy.

Don’t forget to bring a shower tote!!!!!

Things to remember: This is not going to be the palatial mansion you love and enjoy at your parents house. You are sharing this space with another person so it is important to be respectful. This means putting together your side of the room as to please not only you, but your roommate as well. You both have to live in this small space so if you think your roomie may be offended by the thirty foot tall picture of Orlando Bloom staring her in the face every morning, don’t bring it. I knew a kid who blew up a picture of his girlfriend and put the poster up on his dorm room wall. We called the girl on the poster “Miserable Molly” because her constant gaze made us all pretty miserable.

I love the Audrey Posters. They are so classy and fun. I’m thinking about getting this one. Good luck with the shopping!!! I need start getting ready too… time is running out!

love you all.

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