10 Big Mistakes


Hello again to all of my beautiful wonderful friends. Sorry for the late post today, I have actually had real work to do for a change… sigh. For many of you I believe that rush is only a couple weeks away! WOAH! I have butterflies in my stomach just thinking about it. I have decided to dedicate today’s post to discussing common mistakes that people make when going through recruitment. These are mistakes I have seen other people make, and have made myself… so get ready to take some notes. We have to start getting serious now because time is running out.

Mistake #1: The dumb blond airhead trick.

Once again, these are girls we are dealing with here, and in a sorority we are looking for someone as intelligent as they are beautiful. When you are talking to a sister, try to moderate your usage of the word “like.” I am extremely guilty of this one and will make an attempt to work on it myself. It is difficult for some which is why you need to practice practice practice. Make a conscious effort not to say it in between every single word. I am the ultimate “like” sayer so I’ll work on this one with you.

Mistake #2: Going to the wrong house.

I remember literally almost bursting in to tears when I was waiting in line outside of Phi Pi when I was supposed to be at Phi Alpha. One of the Rho Chi’s had to literally drive me over there and I had to sprint inside the house. It was super embarrassing so please make sure you know where you are going.

Mistake #3: Using bad words.


I will admit that I swear like a sailor which is a bad habit… I know, I know. I cringe whenever I have to use little kid words like “bottom” and “heck.” However, in an effort to put your best foot forward, watch your mouth during rush. Even though you may feel absolutely at home in a certain house and even if the sister who you are talking to swears every other word, keep your language clean and appropriate.

Mistake #4: Revealing negative things about yourself.


As I stated in an earlier post, each and every sorority girl will try to be your best friend in the entire world. She will listen to you and agree with you, and basically do whatever it takes to get you to want to be in her house. If it’s a house that you really really like, don’t admit anything negative/uncool/deviant about yourself. How are the sisters supposed to know how cool and amazing you are if keep talking about how you’re not? Be confident!

Mistake #5: Dropping out of rush because you didn’t get your top houses.

I can’t tell you how many girls end up doing this and it is a big mistake. Each and every single sorority from the coolest on the row to the one that people make fun of, has an amazing time. My roommate from Freshman year ended up joining a weaker chapter at our school (it was a newer house that wasn’t as established yet) but she loves it! She has the best friends in that house and is now the Vice President! Wherever you end up you will love it- I promise promise promise.

Mistake #6: Not optimizing your facebook profile.

We don’t need to go over this one again. I know I’m starting to harp on you now…

Mistake #7: Drugs, Alcohol, Sex, Boys.


I know this one is also a review but keep anything related to these subjects out of the conversation. The sorority sisters DO NOT want to hear about how you shacked it in some guys room the night before and how you are soooooo tired. Ugh.

Mistake #8: Showing up to rush hung over.


This is so huge girls I can not even tell you. Please, Please, just do me a solid and don’t drink during rush. Please? Nothing is going to hurt you more than feeling like you are going to puke all over the chapter room. Get plenty of sleep, eat breakfast, and give yourself plenty of time to get dressed.

Mistake #9: Talking about weight/eating.


I’ve noticed that this is always a popular topic of conversation among women. “Oh my gosh I just ate a piece of pizza, holy cow, I regret it so much”… Please leave the weight conversations out of rush. We are looking for girls who are confident with who they are and how they look. Nobody cares about how much you work out or how you haven’t had a dessert since you were 9.

Mistake #10: Taking this whole thing too seriously.


Being in a sorority is just one of many facets of college life. There is so much to do and so much to see in these next four years. Don’t let not getting in to the sorority of your choice ruin your entire life. I have heard of girls who transfer because they didn’t make the cut. If you find yourself getting too worked up over something, sit back and repeat this mantra in your head: “Life is chaotic, but I am calm.”

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