You’re Going to College!!!!


Hello there my beautiful potential new members. I was rather distraught by the somewhat bad press I was getting yesterday, but I am all better now and am ready to move on. There are some die hard sorority people out there who get all worked up over one silly little blog. I’m just trying to help.. is that so bad?

Shaking it off and moving forward…

So I realize that many of you are not only rushing in the fall but you are going to COLLEGE! AHHH! I remember I could barely sleep the month before I went. No matter how many lists I made or how much stuff I bought I never quite felt prepared. Even when I was in moved in I felt as if my life was in semi-pandemonium. This is why I am writing this blog post- to give you some advice about moving in to college in general (we can take a break from all of the rush talk for a day, right?) Here are some tips that I wish I would have known before shacking up in the dorms:

Your roommate does not have to be your best friend. I know that many of you are getting your roommate assignments and are freaking out, “omg.. this girl looks so cool/weird/mean/whatever.” The thing to remember is that you don’t have to and should not expect to be best friends. I know in my own personal experience me and my roommate were two very different people. However, because we never became super BFF we lived together harmoniously with very few altercations. She did her thing, I did mine, and it worked out for the best. So don’t freak out if you and your roomie aren’t two peas in a pod right off the bat. If you do become BFF, great! If you are just different people, don’t trip. You’ll make friends all over the place, I promise.

Be careful with the whole drinking thing. I know that many of you will “experiment” (as adults call it) with alcohol for the first time, or maybe you’re a seasoned drinking pro. Either way: please be careful. I can not tell you how many freshmen I have seen puking in my chapter room, or passing out at a party. I know it’s really tempting to take that extra shot with the group so people will think you’re cool but trust me on this one, puking all over the place is not cool. As an experienced drinker ( i have some rather chubby pictures of myself from back in the day to prove it) I would recommend taking maybe one or two shots at the beginning of the night, if everyone is doing it (to be cool, or whatever). This could also be one or two mixed drinks. Then spend the rest of the night sipping on a beer. Don’t try to keep up with your guy friends because you will fail miserably (trust me). When you don’t want to take a shot just say no. People won’t think poorly of you, they’ll just move on to badgering the next person. Also, if you don’t want to drink… don’t drink. If people give you a hard time about it, they are scum bags and are not your friends. You’re on your own now and everything you do is entirely up to you.

Boys. Hmm… this is a hard one to talk about without potentially getting my blog taken off line but I’ll go for it anyways. Depending on where you go to school the guys are going to be very different. At big party schools (like mine) dating is not exactly a trip to the movies and a milk shake. My advice to you is to keep your guard up. As freshmen you are also known as “fresh meat.” These boys may seem nice, like they will love you forever, but in my experiences I have seen a lot of women (especially younger ones) get hurt. Do what you are comfortable with and do not let yourself be pressured in to anything. If even one tiny bit of you doesn’t want to do something- do not do it! If something is happening and you are not sure about it.. speak up. Say you need a break or you need to leave. Stay strong and realize that you are in control of the situation. In my experiences many men in college are dirt bags.. but there are still some good ones out there… I hope.

Go to class. Go to class. Go to class. The biggest mistake I made freshmen year was thinking to myself…” Oh i don’t need to go to class, I’ll just read the book.” Even if you are the most self motivated student in the world, I guarantee you will get better grades if you go to class. The day I decided that missing class was no longer an option for me, my GPA went up significantly. Please take my advice and go. I promise your parents will be very happy with you if you do.

The Greek system is not all there is in life. When I was a freshman I was completely immersed in the Greek system. Everything i did and everyone i hung out with was related to the Greek system. My entire life revolved around my sorority. Now that I am an old lady, I wish I would have been involved in some other type of activity. Whether it is joining a club or writing for the school newspaper, as time goes on, you’re going to need something else. Extra-curricular activities are great resume builders too.

Things are not always going to be hunky-dory, fun and games. I always felt ashamed when people would go on and on about how “aaaahhhmmmmaaazzziiinnnggg” college is, when I was feeling kind of alone. It is normal to feel a tad unhappy and out of place at first. I went to college not knowing anyone, so it was hard for me to adjust at first. Before I rushed my sorority I felt pretty lonely and sad for a little while. This is completely normal and is probably happening to everyone around you as well. People just act like they are having the best time ever, because it is what they want everyone to believe. If you are unhappy at first it is completely normal. There is nothing wrong with you, or your social skills, or your school. It is normal to feel out of place at first. Things will get better and you will find your niche in time. I am a great advice giver (if I do say so myself) so if at any point you are unhappy, feel free to email me. I will take care of you 🙂

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