An Overview of Greek Life


I’m assuming that many of you are rushing but don’t really understand what you are getting yourselves in to. I will give you a little inside peek into what Greek life is really like, so when rush comes around you will have lots to talk about/ ask questions about.

We hang out at the beach

Many Chapters will host some sort of athletic event to support a certain charity organization. At my school, a fraternity would host a week long competition of athletic events to support cancer research. During rush, if you are a sporty chick- that is great! In the Greek system it can only work to your advantage to be athletic. We want girls who are good at sports because we want to win!

If you are in a sorority you will most likely hang out with guys who are in fraternities, but we also hang out with lots of guys that aren’t. It’s really up to you.

We will go on mini- weekend vacations to a lake or to the beach. These do not happen at every school but at many schools they do! They are sooooooooooooooooo fun!!!!!!!!!!!

We will go on date parties to the mountains and spend the entire weekend skiing and snowboarding. Also another fun perk of being in a sorority is that usually the Sorority girls get invited to these parties and don’t have to pay a thing! Free vacations? sign me up.

We do lots of sisterhood activities. Just little games and what-not. People think they are really lame at first but we are so competitive, we end up taking these games super seriously.

At many schools the fraternities and sororities will have parties together with a certain theme. If you love Halloween, being in a sorority is like having Halloween at least once a week! Here we are on our way to an “Around the World party” where you have to dress up like a different country.

Whoo! Hotties. I know I will never be alone on Valentines day because every year my sorority and a particular Fraternity will have a Valentines day party together! Can’t you just feel the love?

One of my favorite theme’s is WTF… which stands for “What the F***?” You basically put on the most random clothing you can find so when people see you they are just like, “wait… wtf?”

Does this give you an idea of what to expect? If you think all of this looks really fun, yes, it is. It is the best decision I could have made in my college career and I hope that you will do the same! Every school has different activities, and rules, and traditions… so why not ask what your school’s Greek scene does. Steer clear of “name dropping” and “booze talk” but if you want to know about all of the fun parties coming up… ask! The sorority sister will be more than happy to enlighten you.

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