Another Sorority Letter of Recommendation:


I have noticed that many of you have enjoyed my sample sorority letter of recommendation. Here is another template you can use to write a fool proof letter of rec that will knock the socks off of any VP recruitment. I give you full permission to plagiarize as much as you would like.

Dear Sisters of __________,

I am a member of the delta delta chapter of Delta Nu from UC Pasadena class of 2009. I am writing this letter on behalf of Kate Smith, who has been a very close (friend/sister/cousin) of mine for the past (5/10/15) years. Kate Smith is a wonderful woman who exemplifies everything a Delta Nu should be. She was very involved in high school and was Ms. Pasadena her junior year of high school. She was also on the Volley ball team and was very active in Student government as well. She was on the prom planning committee and was involved in the gifted student’s program at her high school. Kate is not only a fantastic student, but one of the nicest and most vivacious girls I know. She is always there for her friends and is very well liked amongst her peers. She is a very loyal person and brings light and life to any social situation. She has a good head on her shoulders which is why I am certain she will make an excellent addition to your chapter. Kate Smith is an outstanding young woman and I am positive she will wear the letters of Delta Nu with loyalty and pride. Thank you for your consideration.



Here is a picture of Kate:

Source: senior girl pics

2 Responses to “Another Sorority Letter of Recommendation:”

  1. 1 Green Grass

    I know my sorority prefers we use their recommendation form.

  2. 2 antoniakelly

    Yes you are absolutely right. However, many schools require a letter in addition to the form. Thanks for the feed back!

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