What to say and not to say during Sorority Rush:


I noticed that many of you have inquired about conversation starters/ways to prepare for rush. If rush were basketball, conversation would be like dribbling (I’m not that great with sports metaphors, sorry). Here are some ways to hone up on your conversations skills:

Keep eye contact: Stay engaged in the conversation at hand and try to not look around the house at other things going on. Stay present in the conversation, don’t have a staring contest with the girl, but stay engaged. When people are constantly looking around the room and paying attention to other things, it not only makes the person seem uninterested in the conversation at hand, but it’s also kind of rude.

Body Language: Even if you are the most shy person in the world, open up your body to the girl you are speaking with. Do not cross your arms, lean back, or look bored. Body language is so important. If you are at a house that you really, really like, my advice would be to sit up straight and lean forward a little bit. When you are having the best conversation of your life are you slouched back in your chair? no! You are upright, excited, and animated. No slouching, crossed arms, open legs, leaning back, etc. Unless you don’t want to be asked back.

Smiling: When you greet a girl make sure to smile. We like girls who are having fun and are confident. Smiling shows that you are not only having a good time, but smiling makes you look more friendly and approachable. Make sure to smile and shake the girls hand you are meeting, smile and perhaps shake it again when you leave. Sometimes, in rare situations, there will be a hug involved, but not usually until later in the week.


Common interests: When I enter a room, I prefer to approach a fellow female by asking her a question about herself. I recommend you do the same because people (especially girls) love talking about themselves. Although the Sorority sisters are trying to get to know you, they will also appreciate it if you get to know them as well. A conversation has to go two ways, so you need to keep up your end by asking questions to the sister as well. This is not a job interview, this is a conversation. You get to talk just as much as she does. Have questions in mind when going to a specific house.

To start a good conversation:

Tell something about yourself to give the sister cues on things you are interested in.

” I am having such a great time today… I’ve met so many cool people… I’ve been waiting to come here all day!” – the sisters love it when you compliment their house.

” I love your (hair/make-up/jewlery) it reminds me of this (whatever) I saw when I was shopping around in Spain this summer”- Tie in a compliment to something interesting you have done.

” So did you have this crazy of a time moving into the dorms?” – tell her something about you so that she can feel comfortable talking about herself.

” Rush reminds me of trying out for the school play last year. I was so nervous but at the same time I had so much fun!”- tie in your past to what’s going on right now.

Things to Avoid:

Heavy Topics: My dog just died, my boyfriend broke up with me, my parents just got a divorce, my family member just died, any death at all for that matter. You can talk about these things later in the week if you feel you have really connected with someone.

Gushing about a house: OH my god I love this house I want to be in this house please please please let me in! I need to be here!- this will be super awkward for you unless it’s Pref night.

Talking about another house: The last house I was at was sooooo amazing! The girls there were so cool and I had the abosolute best time ever!!”- we don’t want to hear about how much you like another house. We hate all other houses during this week.

Bragging: “Well I’m a professional surfer… and my whole family is professional surfers, I’m a model, and I won an academy award.. so whatever”- ew. We hate girls who are full of themselves.

Talking about how much money you have: “I have like a closet specifically devoted to jeans. I have so many designer jeans and nice clothes I made my daddy build me another closet!” – no talk of money. it’s shallow and boring.

Basically you want to be asking the sister and talking to the sister just as much as she is talking to you. Do not bring up anything negative about yourself and stay positive, smiling, and engaged in the conversation at hand.

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