Think you already have your mind made up?


It is so easy for girls to become persuaded by their friends and family in terms of which house to join. If your best friend in Arizona tells you that a certain house sucks, don’t believe them! Sororities are different at every campus. Just because Delta Nu is a weak house at your friend’s school does not mean that it’s not strong at your school. When I say a sorority is “strong” or “not strong” I mean in it in terms of competitiveness. Houses that are considered “strong” can usually choose their members where as weaker houses don’t have as much of a choice in terms of who they recruit. These girls may have a bit of a problem recruiting members to their house…

So your Mom/sister/best friend/ cousin/ dog walker/ trainer was a Delta Nu? You’re thinking Delta Nu all the way huh? Reconsider this. Just because your Mom was a Delta Nu somewhere does not mean that you have to be. Keep an open mind and don’t let family members/ friends persuade you to do otherwise. You are the one joining this house so join the one you feel most comfortable at.

Hey grandma!

source: google images

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