10 Things I wish I had known before Rush


It is so easy to get so caught up in everything during rush week that you may become confused/distraught/emotionally unstable. They call it the best/worst week of your life for a number of reasons. Here are some common misconceptions/tid-bits of advice on things I wish I had known before I went through formal Recruitment.

1) Look classy, not sexy. These are girls we are dealing with, not frat boys. Wear something trendy that girls will appreciate. Don’t be afraid to rock some of the latest trends. Think about the high waisted trend- men hate it, but women love it! Dress for the ladies and avoid showing too much skin.

Think Charlotte from Sex and the City- The dress on the right is too sexy because it exposes too much skin.

2) “If I am super mean to this house then they won’t ask me back again and I have a better chance of going back to the houses that I want.” I’m not exactly sure whether this is true or not- even though I was Chair of Formal Recruitment and I handled all of the scoring. I would say: If you know for a fact that you don’t want to be in a certain house DO NOT ACT LIKE YOU DO. Don’t be fake. If you don’t feel at home somewhere, don’t act like you do. Be honest with yourself and the women in the Chapters you visit.

3) Go to the bathroom at houses you do not like. Do not ask a girl at the house you really really want to use the bathroom. We take a “I need to go to the bathroom” as “I’m not super interested in this house so I’d rather be in the bathroom than talk to you.” If you really have to go at one of your top houses, hold it! You can wait 30 minutes can’t you?

4) Your Rho Chi’s are pretty much up all night during Rush week. Although they say “oh honey I’m here for you whenever you want.. call me any time”… realize that they have a huge job to do other than to just take care of you. I’m not saying don’t utilize your Rho Chi, but realize that she’s just your group leader- not your mom. Understand that she has much more to do this week than just take care of you.

5) YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW COMPETITIVE RUSH IS FOR THE SORORITIES. Each sorority’s prestige for the entire year depends on how well they do in rush. The different chapters are competing with each other to get you to want them. My house is a top rushing house, meaning that we usually get all of the girls we want and that not every girl who wants to be in our house can get in. Other houses have tried (and still try) to sabotage us so we don’t do as well in rush. Keep this in mind in case you find some dog poop out on the lawn or something (not that that ever happened to us or anything…)

6) Every sorority girl will act like your best friend during the week. They will literally pretend to be your BFF times a thousand. You will leave the house being like, “oh my gosh they are so nice.” Yeah. They’re not really this nice. Every girl wants you to want her house because this way they will rush better. The more girls that want to be in their house, the bigger of a pool they have to choose from. Try to decipher whether this conversation is genuine or if the Sorority sister is just b.s-ing. We all want you to like us, so choose houses that you think are the most genuine.

7) Don’t be upset if you don’t get your top houses. There are so many girls who don’t get the houses they want and end up dropping out of rush altogether. This is a huge mistake because not everyone can get in the “hot houses” but there are other great houses too. Fraternity guys hang out with everyone so be happy with the houses you get. Don’t cry either. If you do, do it in private. It’s kind of a slap in the face to the sororities you get asked back to. Remember, the Rho Chi’s are in those sororities, and if they see you upset they may get offended.

8) CLEAN UP YOUR FACEBOOK. Do not make your facebook profile private because we use it to make our decisions. Therefore, optimize your profile to make you look the best you can! Only post pictures of yourself looking your absolute best- de-tag the rest. No pics of you straddling/kissing/naked with boys (or girls for that matter). We saw a girl who had a facebook picture of her doing drugs and we cut her immediately. Make your facebook reflect you at your very best. If you make it private you are at a disadvantage because if you have a good profile, it’s like giving us another chance to meet you. If your profile is great… then you have a better chance of getting asked back to the house you want.

9) We are not looking for girls like Regina George in Mean Girls. If you are super duper hot and went through high school thinking that you were the cats meow leave the attitude behind. The houses love pretty girls but top chapter’s require much more than good looks. If we are talking to a girl who acts like she is too cool, or too hot – we will cut her. It doesn’t matter how hot you think you are, if you act like you are too cool for school, we will cut you right off the bat.

10) Have a good time. If you act like you are having the best time ever and are so happy to be at a certain place we can tell. If you are having a miserable time and are super upset or negative, we can sense that too. If you are happy and confident and having a good time, you will most likely be asked back! Stay positive throughout the week and don’t take things too seriously. You end up where you end up because that’s where you belong. You may not see the logic at the time, but after a couple of weeks you will get it.

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