Trends For Rush 2008


If you think it’s too early to start shopping for rush clothing you are wrong. Believe me, the Sorority Chapter’s have already started planning and preparing, so you should too. Here are some great looks for Recruitment this fall. Find the perfect sorority rush outfit now!

Day 1: This is the most casual day. Skinny jeans, funky/colorful heels, floral print tops, and vests are perfect for fall rush. Sun dresses are also appropriate as long as they are the appropriate length.

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Colors are great for day 1 because they make you stand out from the rest. Jeans are definitely ok but I would recommend leaving the t-shirts at home. I love prints and I love florals for this day. I also love the curled hair and light make-up shown above. Try to leave your hair down unless you absolutely have to wear a ponytail. No messy buns. Hair and make up are huge during sorority rush!!

Day 2: This day is a little more formal than Day 1of sorority rush. This is a day where many of the houses will have a certain theme or color combination. This day I would NOT wear jeans and I would leave the flip flops at home. This is a perfect day of sorority rush for an outfit that you would wear shopping with your mom, or to a nice lunch, basically a trendy, put together outfit for the day.

I love this dresses for day 2

Pants are also great for day 2, I would just stay away from the blue jeans. White pants are great especially if you are doing fall recruitment and the high wasted trend is still in full force. This is a great day to show off your creativity and individual style.

I love bright colors for this day and funky accessories. Remember, you are in a pool of hundreds of girls, make sure to stand out!

Day 3: This is a more formal day where many of the houses will be wearing themed clothing. Some houses dress up like rock stars, some dress up as movie stars, some have a 50’s or 60’s theme. This day of rush is more costume-y than anything else so I would wear something a little more on the trendy/funky side. Still, this day is more formal than the last one so think dresses and NO JEANS. I would do this dress with a pair of flirty knee-highs instead of the tights. Only do this if you’re extra confident because believe me: knee highs = tons of attention.

Day 4: This is the last night of sorority recruitment and you will most likely be going to your two top houses. Tonight is when you make the big decision so make sure to look your absolute best! The Sorority members will most likely to be wearing all black this evening, so DO NOT WEAR ALL BLACK. A little black is fine though. Think cocktail dress/ something you would wear to a less formal dance at your high school. Heels are a must! No flip flops!!

This is the night where you want to look your absolute best. Use the examples above to find the perfect sorority rush outfit. Think fancy, but also don’t be afraid to jazz it up a bit with stylish accessories like the leather jacket shown above. This is your last night to seal the deal with the house you want, so go out there and find the perfect rush outfit!!!!

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