Honing Our Conversation skills…


How to talk and what to talk about during Sorority Rush:

Rush is coming up so you should probably start brushing up on your conversation skills. Basically the entire premise of rush is based one one thing: talking. You will be talking to so many people for such a long time that your voice may be gone by the end of the day. You will go to a house, sit down with a girl, talk to her for 5-10 minutes, then a different girl will come up to you both, and the girl who was previously talking to you will leave, and you will talk to the new girl. This process repeats itself until the rush party is over. Talking during rush is like running during a track meet. You have to know how to do it and how to do it well.

Tip #1: No Talk of drinking, drugs, or alcohol. At most schools this is against the rules but why would you want to talk about them anyways? Even if you are the biggest stoner in the world and own 57 bongs, leave the drug talk at the door. During recruitment, the girls want to get to know you as a person. They don’t care how hard you can party or how drunk you got last night. Conversation like that lacks substance and doesn’t really give any insight in to who you are. I knew a girl who decided to talk about how often she got high and she was cut right away. Leave the party talk for after you get your bid.

Tip #2: Never discuss any of your weaknesses. Rush has more strategy involved than most Potential new members realize. Basically you are selling yourself to us. You want to make yourself the most desirable new member ever, so why would you talk about anything negative. Keep the conversation positive the entire time. Even if you are tired, or even if you hooked up with some guy last night and he never called you back, DO NOT DISCUSS IT. Even though you may feel like these girls are your best friends and that you can tell them all of your drama… they really don’t care! If you were at a job interview would you discuss how your roommate and you don’t get along? Keep the conversation positive and centered around your strengths.

Tip # 3: Stay Energized!!! There is nothing worse than talking to a potential new member who is half asleep. Possibly the WORST conversation starter is discussing how tired you are. The Sisters do not care how tired you are and in fact, are probably laughing at you behind your back because they are 100x more tired than you are. Rush is similar to putting on a huge Broadway production. Would you go up to the actors on stage and say…”phewf.. I am beat..?” Keep the energy level up and if you can’t do it on your own.. apparently Red bull gives you wings!!

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