Summer Countdown…


Summer is counting down and college is right around the corner. With packing, leaving friends and family behind, and worrying about never seeing your high school bf ever again … I’m sure the last thing you are thinking about is Rush. SNAP OUT OF IT!!! Game time is soon and you better start getting prepared…

What you should have already done by now:

1. Sign up for formal recruitment on your school’s Panhellenic website
2. Decide who is going to write you letters of Recommendation and provide them with the necessary materials (address, envelope, picture of you, etc.) Find a good picture of yourself so that people can submit it along with your letter of Rec. This way we not only know your name but we know what you look like. Makes life so much easier!
3. Start shopping for those Rush outfits. Remember to stand out! Show your personal style! Look your best!

It is also good to start researching which houses you may be interested in. Facebook is a great resource for this. At many schools there is a rule that all members must make their profiles private during the week of rush. Now is the time when you can snoop around and see what your friends and friends of friends are doing. Don’t be afraid to “friend” a girl who is in a house that you may be interested in. Chances are she will know that you are a potential new member and would be glad to accept. Just take every picture with a grain of salt. Each facebook profile is a reflection of that particular girl, it is not a reflection of her house as a whole. Just because you see pictures of a girl drunk off her bum does not mean that her house is full of girls like that.

Keep an open mind when snooping around via facebook and stay away from gossip sites like I know that just because I said that you are going to go straight to that website but trust me on this one girls, it’s stupid. It’s basically everyone talking trash on everyone. If you go by what you hear on that website, you are sure to be disappointed. It’s ok to look, just don’t take everything you see/hear/read seriously. It’s nice to have an idea of a few houses that you may be interested in, but keep an open mind until the rush process begins.

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