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Don’t Laugh.


Many women drop out of rush after day three which is “theme day.” Many schools do a skit this day, and many schools do not. A skit is when the sorority members basically do a little song and dance to make you want to join their house. Here is an example of what a skit […]

Get Fresh


Can I say something insensitive right now? Don’t be mad. The only reason why I write this is so you can be prepared. Rush is not very concerned with “inner beauty.” I wish I could paint a rosy picture of it for you, with girls holding hands and swaying… but then i would be lying. […]

I have noticed that many of you have enjoyed my sample sorority letter of recommendation. Here is another template you can use to write a fool proof letter of rec that will knock the socks off of any VP recruitment. I give you full permission to plagiarize as much as you would like. Dear Sisters […]

I noticed that many of you have inquired about conversation starters/ways to prepare for rush. If rush were basketball, conversation would be like dribbling (I’m not that great with sports metaphors, sorry). Here are some ways to hone up on your conversations skills: Keep eye contact: Stay engaged in the conversation at hand and try […]

It is so easy for girls to become persuaded by their friends and family in terms of which house to join. If your best friend in Arizona tells you that a certain house sucks, don’t believe them! Sororities are different at every campus. Just because Delta Nu is a weak house at your friend’s school […]

It is so easy to get so caught up in everything during rush week that you may become confused/distraught/emotionally unstable. They call it the best/worst week of your life for a number of reasons. Here are some common misconceptions/tid-bits of advice on things I wish I had known before I went through formal Recruitment. 1) […]

To rush or not to rush? that is the question. I’m sure lots of you are looking at this site, maybe intimidated, or confused. I say buck up and go for it! But.. i understand that there are girls out there who are still on the fence. Take this quiz to find out if you’re […]