Sorority Secrets


Getting Started:

As you arrive on the first day of rush you will meet with your walking group which consists of other girls who are rushing that you will walk around to all of the houses with. Each walking group is lead by a Sorority girl who disaffiliates herself from her house for the entire week called a Rho Chi (pronounced “Row Cy”). Your Rho Chi will be like your mom throughout the rush process. She is supposed to guide you through the week, making sure that you get to every house you’re supposed to and that you show up every day. Do not miss a day of rush. It doesn’t matter if you have class or other obligations, rush is priority number one and if you can’t make that exception for one day, then you probably don’t have the time to join a sorority anyway. The world will not end if you miss one day of class.

My advice is to start out your Recruitment week with an open mind. Think of it as speed dating. You want to join the house that you have the best connection with, not just the house with prettiest and most popular girls. Yeah there’s always that guy ( or in this case Sorority) that everyone loves and wants to be with, but wouldn’t you want the love to be mutual? Even if you are in the lamest sorority at your school I promise you will love it. You may not see the method behind the madness at the time, and you may be disappointed you didn’t get asked back to those “top houses” but everything happens for a reason. Certain houses called you back because they knew you would fit in there, other’s didn’t because they knew it was not the right place for you. Don’t fight it. You go where you are supposed to go because that is where you belong. No matter where it is you will love it. So keep that in mind throughout the week.

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